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breaking news in the east bay right now. you're looking at the end of a dangerous and deadly chase. a driver killed in a shootout. and now he's connected to a bizarre crime spree. goodessi jcasi ui rr nde. a>>'m ais la kim. two dead bodies, tre dfeif cr eim scenes. still two missing women in the east bay. we're looking at live video
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moments ago at a chase that ended in front of a supermarket in the richmond area in the last area. in his car, police say, is the body of a woman. in vallejo and possibly connected to that shooting police closed off the home belonging to one of the two missing women. last seen driving a cadillac es kwa laid. we're live in both locations. we begin with george kitiyama with details on that chase that ended just moments ago. george? apparently we are having audio problems with george right now. let's go to jean elie who's on the scene of another crime scene possibly connected to the shooting. jean. >> reporter: lisa, one of two missing vallejo women lives here in this house. vallejo police and the department of justice showed up here tonight to search the house. so far investigators will only say it's a crime scene.
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one of several crime scenes one man is now tied to. >> this is not like mom. i mean, she doesn't do this. she's going to call me. >> reporter: joe smart and his extended family are separadespeo find carol smart. he's posting flyers working with police and private detectives dinnered to find the woman he says lived to give back to children who grew up poor like her in the philippines. >> she didn't have the chance to go to school. now she's put a bunch of kids through school in the philippines. she's good people. >> reporter: 60-year-old smart is missing along with her friend, 67-year-old rita segendina. smart went to see her wednesday. she left but something happened. both of the women's cars were missing until this morning. smart's kids found her car
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parked in an apartment complex on richardson drive. but segendina's white escalade was missing. george smart is afraid he may have done something to the women. he says he kicked the man out of her house a few weeks ago. >> she'd nail her door shut from the inside. she told carol, carol and i went on over, this guy was puttering around the house. i said, who are you? he said, i live here. i said you do not live here. >> reporter: hercules police say he's also a murder suspect in another crime, accused of beating a 73-year-old man to death. ricardo was found dead saturday. and his son is missing. investigators say the suspect was last seen driving segendina's while cadillac escalade. police told me here the search for clues is just beginning here. so we are still waiting to learn how this scene may relate to the
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two women missing here in vallejo for nearly a week. we're going to head back to george who has more on the suspect who led police on a chase tonight. >> reporter: there's also a dead woman's body near an acura that he had been driving tonight. in fact, you can see investigators surrounding that car right now. now, the chp said they were chasing after the man on various freeways and through different cities tonight. he was a suspect in a homicide in hercules over the weekend. and investigators say he also is connected to two missing vallejo women. the chase ended here in front of this market on the border of richmond. the chp ran inside and became face to face with him in the meat section of this market. >> chp officers encountered the suspect. the suspect was advised multiple times to drop the weapon in which he failed to comply with the officers' orders. the officers were in fear for
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their lives and discharged their firearms. he was struck and suffered fatal injuries. >> reporter: the market was open when this shooting happened. none of the customers or workers inside at the time were hurt. as for the dead woman near his car, all the chp can say at this point is the victim is a young asian woman. they're not sure how she is connected to him. that's the latest here in richmond. george kitiyama, nbc bay area news. a live look at a very active crime scene in front of that supermarket in richmond. and the story's only just unraveling. we're getting new information. and we'll have an update for you in just a moment. well, a sighting if what's called the gourmet ghetto of berkeley. a mountain lion spotted cruising the busy streets of an east bay city. the animal is dead but a lot of people have a story to tell. our cheryl hurd is live. what a way to wake up, to find out there had been a cougar in your backyard.
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>> reporter: jessica, when i woke up and found out that a big cat was found here in the heart of berkeley, i couldn't believe it. one of the busiest streets in berkeley and that big cat was found first spotted here in this parking lot in berkeley and a lot of folks here tonight are talking about it. >> the staccato rhythm of it told me gunfire, homicide on the street. >> reporter: well, not quite. police came face to face on two of the busiest streets in berkeley. >> the first officer said there appears to be a mountain lien. >> reporter: that's where the official sighting was in the now vacant pharmacy parking lot. officers quickly swarming the area while calling fish and game for advice on what to do. >> we have the great concern that this wild animal could pose a significant if not deadly threat to the community in that
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area. >> reporter: police tried to create a safety perimeter just as they would for a dangerous human suspect. >> i really am just kind of curious if that was really the last resort, you know. maybe there was other options. >> reporter: police say they had few options. the female lion which looked similar to this one we took a picture of on the internet weighed about 100 pounds. the lion went to spruce street. art morgan and his dog didn't hear a thing. >> that's unbelievable, you know, because we are used to deer. >> i'm afraid it might look like meat to a mountain lion. >> reporter: the large cat wound up in katie harper's backyard. >> i didn't hear the police come into our house. but i heard the first gunshot. >> it's kind of creepy thinking that there's a mountain lion walking around here. i'm sad that he got blasted. but, you know, what are you going to do? >> reporter: those who know the area, that big cat was eventually killed on walnut
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street in the 1600 block. meanwhile, police and fish and game around sure why the wildcat made its way down to civilization. some say maybe looking for food because there are a lot of deer around here. some say maybe it was someone's pet. police say that's unlikely. reporting live from berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the heat is on again. and rising. temperatures in the 80s today. we'll go into the 90s tomorrow. maybe higher. and that's sparking a spare the air day for all of us on wednesday. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri shows us the top temperatures for tomorrow. >> as we look at our network for this afternoon, that's when the changes started to come into play as this area of high pressure is sinking down here across the bay area helping compress the clouds andelping warm us up. two regions of hot pressure will .e bringing temperatures up
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l we'l tomorrow. we'll look at quick warming. 6:00 a.m. wednesday, mid to upper 60s. by 10:00 a.m., upper 70s here in the south and the east bay. and then by 1:00 p.m., some of the hottest locations. livermore, san jose, upper 80s. also santa rosa. it's going to be getting even hotter. we'll detail all of your temperatures in just minutes. >> thanks x jeff. so did you feel it? a minor earthquake shook parts of the east bay tonight. local geologists tell us the 3.2 quake was centered near concord five miles west of clayton and 15 miles west of antioch. the quake happened on the concord fault, a tiny fault. time to turn the page. president obama formally declared the end of the combat mission in iraq. he spoke to the nation tonight in a primetime oval office address. the president said that after seven years and 4,400 american lives lost, the u.s. has met its responsibilities. >> at every turn, america's men
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and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve. >> now, we spoke to the family of one bay area army lieutenant on his way home. steve dewitt was part of a last major combat brigade to leave iraq. in fact, his parents, jim and pat dewitt, watched their son make it out safely out of iraq in an nbc news story just a couple of weeks ago. tonight, they said, they appreciated the president's support. >> he mentioned our son's brigade. we had, you know, a little quick clip of him in there. he mentioned teenagers who had seen the war begin and he mentioned that in his interview, so that was kind of cool. >> steve should be arriving in tacoma tomorrow afternoon. the end also means shifting focus from sacrifices abroad to tight budgets at home. the president promising the economy would now be his central responsibility. mr. obama reiterated that the u.s. must jump start industries that create jobs and end its
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dependence on foreign oil. we're still following breaking news, a deadly case, only the beginning of a bizarre criminal investigation. two vallejo women still missing. a live update next. and shrimping saving many bay area college students doan have enough for anything. the unusual way they're making ends meet. plus -- ♪ a little girl, big voice. we're tracking a big warm-up wednesday and thursday. good evening. mid to upper 60s now. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, temperatures climb quick. t east bay. find out how hot it will get coming up.
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an update on our breaking news. is the case of two missing women connected to this crime scene? nbc bay area's george kitiyama is live in richmond for us. what do we know now? >> reporter: we're learning more about this dead woman that was found near an acura that the man
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was driving tonight. you'll see the car surrounded by a number of investigators. the acura right here in front of this 99 ranch market in richmond. investigators are now saying this woman had been kidnapped earlier tonight in vallejo. they say she's a young aged woman but doesn't know the connection. police say they were chasing after the man on various freeways in that acura. he was a suspect in a homicide in hercules over the weekend. and investigators say he's also connected to two missing vallejo women. this chase ended here in front of this 99 ranch market on the border of richmond. the chp ran inside and came base to face in the meat section where they shot and killed him. again, if we have any more updates, we'll get it back to you live. if not, look for a story later this morning -- later tomorrow morning on nbc bay area at 4:30. george kitiyama. >> thanks, george. apple is set to make a mouth-watering announcement
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tomorrow. tonight, apple lovers are salivating. the board introduced an internet-based version of itunes. other rumors circulating include a new version of tz, an update to apple's lineup. of course, we'll be there for that big announcement. tech reporter scout budman will be blogging live and on twitter. we've all heard the term "starving student," but with the economy in shambles and students strapped for cash, students are literally starving. how hungry students are applying for food stamps in record numbers. >> reporter: vivian is proud to be the first in her family to go to college. >> i was happy that i'm going to graduate within two years. >> reporter: a junior, she is studying medical billing but paying her own bills has become a challenge. >> absolutely. it's hard always. >> reporter: rodriguez is among thousands of bay area college students on food stamps. >> if you don't eat breakfast, you don't eat lunch or dinner,
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you won't be able to stud judge study or focus. >> we literally have people coming to us and saying, i don't have food. she said 119 of their students are on food stamps, and that number is likely to increase when school starts in a few weeks. >> we are literally inundated with students who have immediate needs that they didn't have the prior year. >> reporter: it's a trend among college-age students across the bay area. the number of 18 to 24-year-olds receiving food stamps is on the rise in every county. to qualify, college students must be enrolled at least part time and fulfill one of the following criteria. they must work 20 hours a week or participate in state or federal work study program or have a child under the age of 6 or receive cal work. in addition to food stamps, johnson says hungry students can apply for an emergency loan and get a check within 24 hours. >> if they're starving, they only have to make it one more
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day. >> reporter: for rodriguez, one day closer to graduation and getting off food stamps for food. a pennsylvania gift grader is being called the pint-sized susan boyle. she wowed audiences again on "america's gol talent." the 10-year-old competed for a spot on the show's final ten with this amazing performance. ♪ >> wow! kim baldonado has a behind-the-scenes look at the little girl with a big voice. ♪ >> reporter: it's a voice people can't stop talking about. >> we'll will be talking about jackie for years. she's one of those artists that you remember where you were the first time you saw her perform. >> you kind of feel like you're
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watching the start of an amazing career. >> reporter: jackie's first performance was so incredible, the internet started buzzing that that powerful voice couldn't possibly be hers. >> people think it's so good, it's got to be fake. these are conspiracy theorists, but it's real. >> i think we have found not only a great star for america, but america's new sweel swe sweetheart. >> every mom thinks that their child has a talent. >> reporter: this 10-year-old only started singing two years ago. ♪ after singing the film version of "the phantom of the opera." >> even if i had a pop voice, i would have gone with classical because it's different from what many other children do. >> reporter: and since she is only a child, we had to ask, is there any harm in her developing her career so early? >> kids like that could be bratish and jackie is the
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complete opposite. very well mannered, very respectful and an amazing talent. ♪ >> amazing indeed. the grand prize for winning "america's got talent," $1 million and a contract to perform in las vegas. as well as starring in a tour across america as the headlining act. >> that's amazing. amazing, amazing. she's really cute, too. >> good for her. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. so the heat is on. >> definitely. i think you're inspiring it. it's going to be nice and bright like that top as we head into tomorrow. we'll be starting the warming trend today, but it's going to be hot for the next two days across the bay area. we also want to get you the latest real quickly here on what is now hurricane earl if you're doing any traveling over the next three to four-day period,
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this storm which is still a category 4 just north of haiti looks to go staying at hurricane status. at this point by thursdays night and also into friday evening, it will be right along the washington, new york and boston corrid corridor. staying parallel to the u.s. one slight shift in this track and it still could produce major damage for the u.s. we'll be monitoring that as that certainly could cause you major delays and other issues. back at home, we had temperatures in the 50s to near 60s. also still holding on to some 70s here in the interior locations as the heat is adeposit. so we're not going to see too much cooling tonight as you're looking at more hot weather into wednesdays's forecast with even 70s and 80s at the coastline. then we'll get in on cooling. right now it's all about high pressure producing this heat off shore. that's going to keep it hot for
11:21 pm
wednesday and also so warm that thursday we're talking sunny conditions at the coastline and conditions in the 80s including san francisco. now, for the east bay tomorrow, 63 degrees at 7:00 a.m. then by 10:00 a.m., we're going to climb quickly. morning, mild, upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay and east bay. a little cooler for the license. plenty of warm. 92 in dublin for the peninsula. 86 in san francisco. and 89 in redwood city. so while it is going to be hot, not as hot as last week. we may see a few records but not widespread at least for wednesday. going to be getting even hotter as we head into thursday's forecast. as you can see, that participated 98 degrees inland. take a look at this.
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we're going to go back into the 70s as we'll be expecting more below-averag wit we'll beew bk withs mean ns and more sports right after the break. d
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oh, my goodness! remember that name. >> remember the name, she said. and with oprah's help, eight years later, you're not going to have any trouble.
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interior designer nate berkus has left the big "o" for his own show where he'll help fans tackle their decorating issues and help change their s.veli we sat down with nate to talk about his role and new show here on nbc bay area. do you want decorating tips from nate or advice on how you can start your life over? send them to me through your facebook page. post your questions below the nate berkus link. also send your question to news in the subject line, put "questions for nate." >> what was your chaise? he's changing lives one throw pillow at a time. >> does this go with the suit? >> interior design. >> got it. the giants. let's get to the giants. does the tie go with the suit? answer the question. the giants at the ballpark tonight. yes, everyone dancing. some late-ending heroics again. also, frank gore of the 49ers,
11:26 pm
ve ll bout ur opponent? interesting answer. we're back in a moment. ur
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much better tonight. you can breathe easy, sort of. it was still a pull out your hair type of game. but the joins going into september on a good note. august, right, was kind of lousy. but they won tonight. buster posey honored with the july player and rookie of the month. not bad. giants fans also thrilled about the other youngster, madison baumgarner pitched a gem. top of the eighth inning. here's your nightly dose of drama. jerry affeldt gives up a homer. game tied 2-2. then in the bottom of the eighth, we've said this a lot
11:29 pm
this season. torres for the rescue. the solo home run. that's the game winner. giants go on to win, 5-2, now trailing san diego by at least four games in the division and they remain 1 1/2 games out of the wild card race. the a's, look carefully here. in new york city. on the left, bamazaro. nick swisher, home run. and then mark ta share reixeirt run. yankees pounded the a's twice in the last 24 hours. 9-3, new york wins it. the a's are limping into september. the landscape of college sports continues to change dramatically. and tonight's news hits the bay area. hits home with several bay area schools. it all started with byu. byu is going independent in football. just like notre dame.
11:30 pm
what does that mean around here? byu will be leaving the waac furthermore hp byu's other sports teams like basketball will join the wcc. wcc, it's going to affect st. mary's, santa clara and usf in basketball. the official announcement comes tomorrow. i should clarify. speaking of san jose state, i was getting ahead of myself, they are in the national spotlight. the spartans kick off saturday evening in alabama. defending national champs alabama. here's one advantage for san jose state. mark ingram will not play saturday. he is out with a knee injury. we like the swagger with the 49ers. not sure if singletary wants this much, but frank gore not really impressed with the competition within the division.
11:31 pm
>> sno, i kind of watch some of the defenses. you know, this preseason. like arizona, seattle, a little bit of the browns. we're on the same page. we can do whatever we want to do. >> yeah, we're better than those chumps. 49ers and raiders wrap up the preseason thursday night. when we return, one of baseball's biggest stars urball to ll t reporters this afternoon. back in a moment. people! look at you!
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here we go. it'll espanol. jessica is fluent, right? we share this newsroom with telemundo. we were all set for today's news conference. take a listen. [ speaking spanish ] >> jessica? what did he say, manny ramirez. >> he said that's a really stupid question. that's a really stupid question. >> manny ramirez's whole news conference today in espanol. and so all the reporters who didn't know espanol were kind of left out in the dark. >> looking for people to translate. >> he plays for the chicago white sox. adios. >>hafonk tinr s usinjo ght. t >> i'm o

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